Namud Mela 2018

At Namud Network we had an exquisite Mela to support Muslims in Rohingya and Syria, we had exclusives stalls and fun games with the purpose to donate each penny earned to these Muslims Refugees.

The purpose was to let young students acknowledge the act of donating their earned money for a good cause.

Students from Namud Sprouts and Saplings made their own merchandise to sell at the Mela, products like paper craft, play dough, food and pottery.

We had stalls from outside as well; the money collected from those stalls was also donated. They included Gola ganda, Shopping Wala Foods, OBO (online book outlit) many other food and drinks, along with Alkhidmat’s handcrafted works, Author’s Book Signing, Abaya and scarfs.

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Namud Community Work

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