Namud Summer Camp

The Summer Camp That Will Enrich Your Child With Knowledge Hand-in-Hand With Lots of Unforgettable Fun. We Offer a Variety of Physical Activities Such as: Swimming Classes and Martial Arts, to Name a Few. Other Activities Include Arts and Craft, Cooking, Baking, Origami (Japanese Paper Art), STEM Educational Activities and Creative Writings. Summer Camp Will … Continue reading Namud Summer Camp

Salient Features

~Namud Network is an organization established to revive a TAZKIYAH based educational system with its main theme revolving around SELF-REFINEMENT. Namud’s philosophy is the essence of IQBAL’S ideology. It enables people to explore their hidden potential and maximize positivity and productivity. Namud Network is working in three main areas. Namud - Schools. Namud Recreational Club. … Continue reading Salient Features

Namud -Ece

This course will deal with the philosophical base of early childhood education along with six areas of learning such as language development at early years, social and religious development, scientific and mathematical development, physical and creative development at early years, tools of assessment to evaluate students progress. | For Mothers And Teachers (only female) | … Continue reading Namud -Ece

Gullak Project

Gullak project was launched by Namud Network in November 2017 to promote SADQA culture in children. PLANNING AND EXECUTION Initially we bought and painted terracotta Gullaks and our students fill them to help the oppressed Muslims of Rohingya. In the next phase we extended this project to the community and distributed the beautifully painted Gullaks … Continue reading Gullak Project